LOMILOMI-Oldenburg - English

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As an ENGINEER I learned about
  • safe ground to build on

  • the importance of a solid foundation

  • building bridges

  • applying the rules of flow

  • directing energy

As a POTTER I learned about
  • centering on a spinning wheel

  • small changes repeatedly applied bringing
    better results than few hard pushes

  • adjusting to the timing of my material

  • the elements: earth, water, air and fire

  • respect for the alchemy of transformation
    provided by fire

  • working meticulously and thoroughly

As a GARDENER I learned about
  • alignment with Earth

  • the importance of creating a healthy and supportive environment

  • nurturing and being nurtured

As a STUDENT of LANGUAGES I learned about
  • listening to true communication beyond words

  • embracing the unique way of individual expression

  • how structures of thinking shape realities
pua to be continued

LOMI Sessions